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What Is It Going To Take?

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Unlikely Signs of Dyslexia

Early Intervention Works

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What Is It Going To Take?


What will it take for you to listen?

Why did it take 5 years to figure out I had dyslexia?

Watch this powerful 2-minute video from a 12 year old in Australia.

Get Ready For School


Susan Barton holds Facebook Live Video Chats to share important information. Each is 6 to 7 minutes, and the response has been terrific. Since they were recorded, you can watch them now even if you do not use Facebook.

Chat #1: Meet With Your Child's Teacher Before School Starts

Other popular chats include:

Chat #2: 5 Things All Teachers Should Do

Chat #15How To Find Your Child's Gifted Areas

Chat #4How To Stop The Guessing Habit

To view all of Susan Barton's video chats, click here.


Note-Taking Apps


Susan Barton's favorite tool for taking notes in class or in meetings is the LiveScribe Pen.

But here are 10 apps recommended by

For a list of Susan Barton's favorite tech tools, click here.

Unlikely Signs of Dyslexia


Unlikely signs of dyslexia you should not ignore
by ADDitute Magazine

Strictly speaking, dyslexia is not hazardous to the health. But when symptoms are left unidentified and interventions missed, dyslexia can cause psychological, academic, and professional harm.

Yet, studies show that, when symptoms are identified early, children exude a strong sense of control and confidence; their scores on self-esteem rating scales mirror those of their non-dyslexic counterparts.

Early identification is essential. By age six, you can have a definitive diagnosis. There is no benefit to waiting.

Susan Barton's comment:  One major symptom that is NOT on their list is great difficulty with spelling -- when writing sentences or compositions.

To see the entire article, click here.


Early Intervention Works


This parent got Barton tutoring for her son in kindergarten -- and it quickly healed his emotional scars.

Susan, I heard you speak about dyslexia in Appleton when my son was 5.

At the beginning of kindergarten, he was already saying that he hated himself because he was stupid -- because he couldn't read like the other kids. I was shocked to hear him say it with such strong emotion at that young age.

He's now had a year of Barton tutoring at the Dyslexia Reading Connection Center.

If only if you could have been a fly on the wall at his last parent-teacher conference. He's starting to read and is proud of what he's accomplishing. He's happy, confident, and a leader in his Montessori classroom.

And best of all, he WANTS to learn. That spark was not extinguished.

We are amazed and so deeply grateful for his progress.

Things are going really well, and I believe he's going to continue having the school experience every child so deserves -- where they feel safe and accepted, even if they learn differently.

And I'm so grateful to you for dedicating your life to dyslexia awareness and education.

Alison Garl
Appleton, WI

It Runs In Family Trees


Dyslexia runs in family trees
by Susan Barton

Dyslexia is genetic. It runs in family trees. So if you see the warning signs in your child, you may also start to identify other people in your family who have it, as this parent shared:

I just watched your on-line video which had so many "ah-ha" moments in it. You might as well have used our son's name, Sam. Sam has every symptom you described. I feel like you know him personally, and finally, there is someone who understands him.

I have to give credit to his reading tutor, as she is the one who warned us that he "may" have dyslexia.

I now understand my mother better. She's one of those who gets tongue tied when saying multi-syllable words, hates to write (and no one can read her handwriting), is a terrible speller, skips over the big words when reading, did not learn to talk until age 3, struggled in school even though she is a very bright and creative person who thinks outside the box, gets lost easily, cannot remember left from right, and the list goes on and on.

And I think I have a mild case of it as well. It bothered me that I was always in the lowest reading group in my class, and that I had to re-read things 2 or 3 or 4 times to understand them.

I even took a speed reading course in high school to try to improve my ACT college prep results because there was such a big difference between my reading test score and all of my other scores.

But the speed reading course did not help my reading score at all. Now I know why.

To listen to this or to share it, click here.


For Barton Tutors


Certification Dates

Our August sessions are full. There are some openings in these September sessions:

Beginning Certification: September 13, September 24
Advanced Certification: September 16
Masters Certification: September 10

For details, or to register, click here.

Parents, if you want a list of local Certified Barton Tutors, click here.

New Level 7 Items

Susan Barton just posted 3 more Extra Practice pages, plus Fluency Drills, for each lesson in Level 7 on our Tutor Support website.

New Tutor Tip videos are also on that website. Two show intense fluency activities, and two show Level 4 tips.

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