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Thank you, @Supt_Jordan, for this great quote.

Say No To Summer School


Summer School Will Not Help
by Susan Barton

Many parents send me questions like this at the end of a school year:

I have a daughter who just finished first grade. I am pretty sure she has dyslexia.

The last two months of school have been a nightmare of real and feigned sickness and tears every day as she tries to get out of going to school.

Jane struggles so much and ends her day so sad and frustrated due to journal writing, or even worse, having to copy poems from the board. What makes it even worse for her is seeing every other kid at her table do it faster and better.

My daughter's school is recommending summer school. My worry is that their summer school is not going to help her and it may make her hate school even more.

Most summer school programs just teach the very same reading program your child got during the school year, which will not help someone with dyslexia.

Susan Barton tells parents to say "no" to summer school, and instead, get your child the right type of tutoring  with the Barton System or any other good Orton-Gillingham based system for an hour a day, every day, during the summer.

If you do not, second grade will be even worse  as this mother shared.

To see the entire article, or to listen to it, click here.


Teach Reading Differently


Maryanne Wolf is one of my heroes, and she is a well-known and greatly respected dyslexia researcher.

Watch my 6-minute video on Reading Programs That Work.

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Tutor During The Summer


Instead of summer school, tutor intensely during the summer. The gains your child can make when tutored 5 times a week during the summer, at his best time of day, will amaze his teachers.

Susan Barton holds Facebook Live Video Chats to share important information. Each is 6 to 7 minutes, and the response has been terrific. Since they were recorded, you can watch them now  even if you do not use Facebook.

Chat #13: Tutor During The Summer

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It Took Until 5th Grade


It took until 5th grade
by Teresa Danelski

We started our journey in first grade, when our daughter's teacher shared that she was not grasping reading concepts as fast as she should. I was shocked because I had read to her since she was a baby, and books were a big part of our home.

For the rest of that school year, we spent many long, tearful evenings trying to teach her the sight words. We would go over and over and over them, but she could not retain them.

We also spent at least two hours every night doing homework, and practicing her reading.

Despite that, at the beginning of third grade, she was only reading 27 words per minute which was at the bottom of her class.

She also struggled with spelling. I got her list several days early, so we would have extra time to learn the words. It did not help.

Over the years, the teachers said, "It will click one of these days," or "She is young for her grade," and "You are doing all the right things at home." Yet year after year, she spent many long, tearful nights doing homework.

When I asked if she might have a learning disability, the answer was always, "No."

In fifth grade, we hit a wall. That year, she spent four to five hours a week studying her spelling words just to get a D.

She also got a D in Social Studies, even though I read the textbook out loud to her, because her vocabulary was way behind.

She began to have problems with her peers, partly due to her very low self-esteem.

At the end of some of our homework battles, she began to say she should be dead because she was useless. She stayed up late every night due to anxiety, and she developed depression. We knew we had to do something, but we did not know the cause of her academic struggles.

Then a friend at a party suggested she might have dyslexia. Our life changed that very day.

To see what happened next, click here.

What Dyslexia Is


What dyslexia is -- and is not.

A parent had this made on Etsy for her daughter's room -- after a homework battle.


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