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No More Excuses

Congratulations, Mollie Schaefer

I Would Never Have Guessed


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No More Excuses


No more excuses
By Lisa Kaye
of Dyslexia Inspired

Thank you, Lisa Kaye, for allowing me to share these words and your daughter's graphic.

There once was a time long ago when teachers did not have access to the knowledge about teaching literacy. That excuse is no longer relevant for today as we have scientific knowledge readily available on the Internet, via Skype, on-line classes, hundreds of books on dyslexia, and professional development is abundant. 

In every industry, people are expected to keep up with the knowledge needed for their jobs. In every industry, they must study, learn the latest methods and be held accountable for their own lifelong learning. How is it possible that the schools don't have to learn how to help the struggling learners or students with dyslexia? 

The Book of Life has many chapters. It is time to write a new chapter where literacy is taught using methods available that work for dyslexia.


Congratulations, Mollie Schaefer


Mollie is the first person from the University of North Alabama to win a Fullbright Scholarship, and yes, she is dyslexic.

The determination she showed in fighting through her dyslexia to become a high achieving student played a key role in her securing this national academic honor.

At the age of 9, she could not read a menu and could hardly spell her name.

Molly came to North Alabama after being rejected by other Alabama colleges. Her score on the ACT test, the timed, wordy standardized test used to determine college admission, "wasn't great," she said because of her dyslexia.

"I was determined,"vshe said. "I wanted to go to college because I was really stubborn and decided (after being rejected by other schools) I was going to go to some other school and be awesome."

To see the entire article, click here.

I Would Never Have Guessed


I never would have guessed he was dyslexic
By Susan Barton

This is why Early Intervention of the right type and intensity is so important.

Travis never attended public school because I realized that he showed the same symptoms of dyslexia that my older son did at that age.

So I homeschooled Travis and started him on the Barton program as soon as he was old enough.  I was already using it with his older brother and having good results.  

Recently, Travis began expressing a desire to go to 2nd grade public school with his friends, which I figured would happen eventually. So, I took him up to our local elementary school. The teachers, principal, and counselor were great. They took him on a tour of the school, let him observe a class, and even let him play on the playground for a while. He felt right at home and decided he might like to try public school for the last six weeks of the year -- even though I did explain to Travis that he would have to continue doing Barton 3x per week after school. 

Of course, the first thing the school staff wanted to do was placement testing. The reading specialist evaluated his reading level as approximately 3.0 grade level. She did mention that she thought his fluency was lacking as he read from one line of text to the next and encouraged me to read aloud to him daily. 

I then shared the testing we had done with a private dyslexia interventionist who said that although he was young, it was her best opinion that he was pretty severely dyslexic. I also shared some of the results of his testing, such as being at the 2nd percentile for phonemic awareness. 

I then explained how we had been using a combination of the Barton System (which she was not familiar with, but she knew of OG), and occupational therapy for the dysgraphia for almost three years. The more I talked, the wider her eyes got. 

She finally said, "I had no idea that what you are saying you have done could actually be done. I see these kids come through here with such low skills, and they get further and further behind. It scars them for life, and they never recover from it. I would have never guessed that he was dyslexic. He didn't mix up a single sound while he was reading. I've never known anyone who has actually fixed it."  

Mind you, we live in Texas, where dyslexic students receive "daily intervention" from our public schools. 

Sadly, it is often ineffective, as it was with my oldest son, who could not read CVC words in 3rd grade despite their "intervention."

I wish I had known how to help my oldest son before he had the chance to feel like a failure, but I just didn't know what to do.

Thank you so much for bringing awareness and education to parents about the dyslexia community, updates about the latest research of brain imaging, and best teaching practices. 

Most of all, thank you for giving my son a chance to show the world what a bright boy he is. I'm still not sure if he will go to that school or if we will continue homeschooling, but I do know that either way, he will be a success because of your program and his hard work. 

Alison Teal
Troy, TX

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This is the app that Susan Barton recommended during her Facebook Live video chat on dysgraphia.

Although the app is free, there are enough extra features in the Pro version that it may be worth paying $ 4.99 for it.

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To see the review by ADDitude Magazine, click here.

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