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The seminar was inspiring! I am truly motivated by Susan's plea for us to be champions for children with dyslexia so that more children are identified and receive the remediation they deserve. Also, the camaraderie I experienced throughout the week was an unexpected delight.

Tricia Matthews
Orton-Gillingham Tutor

This is so much more than a screening seminar. This course gives you insight into the struggles and obstacles that dyslexics and their families face every day. To feel the joys and sorrows that come from being diagnosed and finding out that there is help out there for the 20% of the population that faces being 'different.'

This course should be taken by every special education teacher in the country! If I had unlimited funds, I would pay for all of the teachers and the principal of our elementary school to take this course.

It was valuable to me on so many levels, and I am just a grandma!

Karen Brock

Being an elementary school teacher for over twenty years, with a Masters degree in Early Childhood Education, I was amazed at the in-depth knowledge I received at the Screening for Dyslexia seminar.

This course prepared me more than any other graduate level course I have ever taken to work, educate, and advocate for children with dyslexia.

Lisa Gill
Elementary School Teacher

When you are a parent of a child with dyslexia, you experience a journey of challenges. That journey becomes filled with hope when the right individuals provide direction, intervention and support. By attending Susan Barton's Screening seminar, I now possess the skills to spread hope to other parents as they begin their journey down a similar path.

I highly recommend this seminar if you are looking for a new career path where you can be the one to spread hope and to push for early identification and intervention.

Meredith Reuter

As a veteran teacher with over thirty years experience, attending this seminar was one of the most life-changing graduate courses in my career. Not only was the seminar enlightening, but it opened my eyes to a world of new possibilities in the field of special education.

Each day of the seminar, Susan's tenacity and passion for dyslexia brought new insight into how we, as educators, can help students who have been long overlooked. If helping students achieve success is your goal, this seminar is for you!

Nancy Sharp
Special Education Teacher

Whether you are a seasoned tutor or new to the subject, it is difficult to get your arms around the ‘world of dyslexia’ until you have attended the Screening course taught by Susan Barton.

This all encompassing look at dyslexia gives you the knowledge needed to accurately assess a student. The entire process from beginning to end is laid out methodically and includes all backup materials: pre-testing checklists; meeting formats; testing sheets; documentation for how each test relates to dyslexia; discussion of the science behind it; and a DVD containing everything you will need in reproducible images.

It makes what could be an overwhelming task become very manageable.

Vivian Mueller
Professional Tutor

Taking Susan Barton's Dyslexia Screening course helped me understand and know how to remedy reading, spelling and writing struggles that have plagued students I am currently teaching. It not only gave me practical solutions, but also the knowledge I needed to open doors for these individuals for the first time!

I only wish I would have learned this content years ago so I could have helped more students in a shorter amount of time. It was WELL WORTH the time and money spent.

Terri Houghton
Special Education Teacher

As an educator, I daily see the gap between those kids who naturally sail through the traditional system and those who desperately want to sail but operate just a little differently. It's not their fault that there is a mismatch.

The information Susan Barton provided not only gave me new skills, but also a greater understanding of these kids in a positive light rather than the typical "deficiency" approach. The information I gained will change my interactions from now on.

Nanci Schindler, Ph.D.
Education Administration

Attending the Screening for Dyslexia seminar was a life-changing week. I now feel empowered, educated, and obligated to be an advocate for dyslexia education. As I teacher, I know that most educators and administrators are misinformed or under informed about what dyslexia actually means. I now have the resources, knowledge, and passion to help change the future of hundreds of children.

Angelia M. Smith
Third Grade Teacher

Attending this screening course was one of the best decisions I’ve made, and it was worth every bit of the financial investment.

I gained new friends and met colleagues of like minds. I was amazed at the organization of the seminar and the detailed binders that allows Susan Barton impart so much knowledge in such a relatively small amount of time.

I am starting my first screening this week, and I have several pending. My doctor wants my business cards, and I am sharing the Bright Solutions website with many parents. I have 2 new tutoring students as well.

Betty Macomber, Homeschool Parent and
Certified Barton Tutor

This was truly a wonderful course. You learn so much and gain such invaluable tools. Everything is provided and every step is modeled, so you feel confident going home and starting to help people right away. Susan Barton's heart for those who have struggled comes through in her words, actions, and her endless support.

Heather Desjardins
Special Education Resource Teacher

Screening for Dyslexia is one of the most intense and thorough courses on dyslexia that I have encountered. Susan Barton outdoes herself transforming the attendees into experts on the subject. I wish I had taken this course years ago! It was worth every penny!

Emilie Johannes
Masters in Education

I have been in education for over 20 years, and I have gone to countless trainings, workshops, etc. This was by far the most informative and interesting course ever!

I learned more about teaching reading, writing and spelling in this course than I did in my entire Masters program.

Natalie Winchester

Susan Barton’s Screening for Dyslexia course is an opportunity you do not want to miss if you are a reading specialist, educational psychologist or speech and language pathologist.

This in-depth, intensive course is invigorating and so informative that you will feel confident identifying students who may be at risk, consulting with schools and parents, screening children and adults, providing a well-written report of your findings, providing classroom accommodations, and either tutoring yourself or finding qualified tutors.

After attending, I am returning to my school district as the local expert in dyslexia.

And to top it all off, Susan Barton is available to support me (and all graduate) as a new professional in this field – and she will also help support the families I will serve from here on out.

Jacqui Kolar
Reading Specialist

The Dyslexia Screening course was fabulous. Susan packed every minute with practical tools for us as tutors and other specialists. In her amazing Susan-Barton-style, she made complicated concepts understandable.

What an incredible gift she has given us – a way to identify a child as dyslexic in a thorough and professional manner, and then be able to point the way to help so that these children can succeed in reading and in life.

Carol Hale
Teacher and Professional Tutor

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